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MYRIART is proud to announce the new beginning with "Kunst im Rosenhof". Meet and greet the artists visiting MYRIART at the art studio Rosenhof.

We are very happy to welcome Mia Zev!

She will be at Rosenhof and play her music:

Friday, 4th November 2022
Concert starts at 20.00 h
Ends about 20.45 h
Door opens at 19.00 h

Entrance is free, collection in favour of the artist.

Please reserve your seat by sending an email to roger.giger(at)myriart.com if you like to join us for this event!

Story of  the heart

If I should describe my music it will be in a Parallel line with describing nature
The movement of the present moment - come and goes like kiss of wave to the shore,
dancing trees on a windy day, drop of rain on naked hands..my music show up and disappear , l
ike feelings - always in a movement, unpredictable and peaceful at same time;
Happy to share my story's of heart through the
language of sound. where there is no misunderstooding..only innocent and pure heart that softens all.
come to a relax your mind and free your heart

Mia Lev mit Pantam

Mia Lev

"MYRIART" is my Art Studio founded in 2008 in Switzerland. The name is derived from the old greek word "myriad" meaning "numberless, countless, infinite". In modern English, the word refers to an unspecified large quantity (Wikipedia). Combining the variety of my work with my passion for art led to the name "MYRIART".                            

You will find a selection of my artwork and activities  on this website. Please send me your comments, questions or any requests using the contact form.

Thank you for visiting!

MYRIART Roger Giger
October 2022

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